Cast & Crew

“Ringing Out”, directed by Rebecca Schaffer, who has worked on over 25 productions in the Crystal since 2009, features an all-star cast of Missoula Actors, with Howard Kingston (Dracula, Bad Habits, The Producers) as Rick, Ann Peacock (Bird in House, Sound of Planes) as Kendra, Jennifer Fleming-Lovely (To Kill a Mockingbird) as Mandolin, and Ali Tabibnejad (Salep & Silk, Untitled for James) as The Stranger.

Howard Kingston
Ann Peacock
Jennifer Flemming-Lovely
Ali Tabibnejad

Directed by Rebecca Schaffer
Written by Josh Wagner
Set Design by Daniel Scott Morris
Stage Managed by Diego Burgos
Lighting by Diego Burgos
Asst. Lighting by Jenni Johson
Props Mastery by Adryan Kransky

Special thanks to:

Special Thanks to Shirley Juhl, Dave McEwen, Reid Reimers, Leslie Washburn, Jason McDaniel, Sam and Abe Risho, Tim Daniel, Doug Hannan, Dan Brooks, Jay Straw, Ruby’s Inn, Marcus Duckwitz, Brad Wilson, Dean and Kay Ludwick, Kate Morris, Cathy Capps, Rita Barkey, Shaun Gant, Jay Kettering, Anita Vatshell, Kim McCort, Stew Weis, The Pogues, Tchaikovsky